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Selected works from 2022

Acrylic painting, paper boats, figure painting, Max, boy at the water, origami dragonfly, dream landscape, surealism, meataphor, dark background, origami

Traveling Light, Acrylic 40" X 26"

acrylic painting, dark background, surreal, birds, the hermit, letting go, holding on, hands, figure painting, flowers, dream, surreal

The Hermit, Acrylic, Tempera, and Conte', 46" X 32" 

barn owl, barn, line drawing, hnds, figure painting, acrlic, pink moon, moon, fire, dream

  Carrying Fire (Now I Can See the Moon), Acrylic, Tempera, and Conte, 36” x 26”

red tailed hawk, sundog, migration, acrylic painting, sun

Migration, Acrylic, Tempera, and Conte, 36" X 24"

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