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Selected works 2011-2021

charcoal drawing, black and white, realism, contemporary realism, spiritual, hawk flying, carying light, short legged hawk, utah, horizon

Fleeting, Charcoal, 30" X 40" 

charcoal drawing, wheels, boy, punk, mohawk, eyes, dirt bike, black and white, stare,

Wheels, Charcoal, 30" x 20"

woman, owl, jumper, time jumper, flowers, hands, jeans, tank top braid, black and white, contemporary realism, self portrait

Time Jumper, Charcoal, 40" X 30"

myth alive, tiger, white tiger, little girl, flower, gift, dream, hair, fur, crown, kids art,

Vivus Mythus, Charcoal, 20" X 30"

bloom, woman, scream, roses, eyes, contemporary realism

Bloom, Charcoal, 40" X 30"

little girl, rainbow, black and white, hair, wind, hands, contemporary realism

Delivered, Charcoal, 30" X 20"

fawn, tree, continuous line drawing, contemporary realism, charcoal

Untitled, Charcoal, 30" X 20" 

owl, barn owl, mountains, continuous line drawing, black and white, negative space, contemporary realism, contemporary art

Untitled, Charcoal, 30" X 20"

shifting dreams, hair, crown, black and white, portrait, self-portrait, eyes, contemporary realism

Shifting Dreams, Charcoal, 30" X 20"

fox, bee, collaboration, charcoal

Untitled, Charcoal, 30" X 20"

owl, water, flood, sun, kids art, contemporary realism, realism, charcoal, drawing

After the Rain, Charcoal, 40" X 30"

pendulous star, girl, chuck taylors, black and white, surreal, landscape, horizon, charcoal, contemporary realism

Pendulous Star, Charcoal, 30" X 20"

Reciprocus, Charcoal, 30" x 40"

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